Our Bohemian Story

Our Bohemia
by Eric Doyle

We are believers and doubters, itinerants and natives, soccer moms and face-piercing misfits– bon vivants and motorcycle mechanics. 

Our Bohemia is founded in contradiction: populated with third grade teachers and rogue scholars, power-tie businessmen and graffiti artists.

We are gypsies with mortgages, poets in minivans.

We’ll leave Waco as soon as we graduate; we’ll be buried here beside our parents.

We’ve climbed Machu Picchu and played tour guide in Rome, accidentally stumbled into bordellos in Budapest. We’ve never left the state.

We’ve collectively canceled out each other’s votes for years. 

We agree on very little except that Waco can be lived more artfully.

We are not Greenwich Village or old Montmartre. We will not ape the modes of LA and London: that affected disaffection, that anemic irony.

We are Central Texas, and our Bohemia will be of our own design.

We are likely to be provincial, unrefined, embarrassingly earnest. These are the risks of honesty.

We are the anti-zeitgeist, the everyday poets; collage artists playing in the Louvre. We’ve no grand designs, no rebellious credo. Bohemia is only a way to make our lives more human.

Photos by Lindsey Parker and Steven Ruud. See submission guidelines for rules pertaining to submitted creative work.