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The sub
missions-based sections of the journal typically follow themes and genre studies. We consider 
a varied and eclectic mix of short stories, poetry, photography, and art from t
alented individuals. Check out our submission guidelines to learn more. 

Bohemians can be folky singers, compassionate world travelers, sou
l searching philosophers, or asphalt-banging bike messengers. 
We ca
n be romantic, whimsical muses. 
We might be modern city dwellers
r rural organic farmers at heart. 

Come with us on our gypsy caravans. 
Listen to our seasonal musings. Exp
lore our old Texas small towns. See us showcase vintage fashion and pin-up rock-a-billy tattoos. 
Read our stories about our Bohemian lit
erary heroes and our 
own artistic lifestyles. Look at our themes and let your imagination run wild!